FNM Group

FNM Group is the second largest Italian railway operator, including different companies operating in public transport throughout Lombardy. The Holding Company is FNM S.p.A., a Public Limited Company that coordinates all subsidiaries that operate in railway engineering, service supply, IT, energy and sustainable mobility. FNM S.p.A. is listed on Milan Stock Exchange and its majority shareholder is Lombardy Region which holds 57.57% of shares. FNM S.p.A. manages the strategic, operational and financial coordination of all subsidiaries, also supervising their communication activities. FNM operates within the local public rail service through its subsidiaries Trenord, FERROVIENORD and NORD_ING. It is active in public road transport services with FNM Autoservizi and Omnibus Partecipazioni and ATV and in rail freight with DB Cargo Italia and FuoriMuro. FNM also operates in the ICT sector with NordCom, in sustainable mobility with the subsidiary E-Vai and in the energy sector with Nord Energia. FNM Group’s mission is to satisfy the needs of citizens and companies to move and communicate. In the last years it has grown its areas of activity by investing in ICT, energy and sustainable mobility, seizing opportunities offered by the liberalisation of some public utility services and expanding both nationally and internationally. FNM Group care about the territory and its development and ensure transparency in the Group’s governance and our relations with stakeholders. FNM Group’s values are focused on people – employees, customers, clients and citizens – and its commitment to environmental sustainability and sustainable mobility, identifying and promoting new solutions to reduce the Group’s activities impact on the environment. This also provides innovative, efficient and non-polluting mobility opportunities.