Technical Workshop in Italy

The Technical Workshop in Italy was held on the 19th June 2019 in Milan at the Palazzo Lombardia. The workshop was attended by about 73 delegates from several stakeholder as local administrations, PTOs (public transport operators), PTAs (public transport authorities), manufacturers, industry and universities representatives as well as consultants.

The purpose of the Technical Workshop aimed to increase the visibility of the project, to raise local interest and improve local understanding of the project and of the five I-SharE LIFE Business Model, finally and generally to stimulate public’s interest towards I-Share Life Project.

The workshop was structured in different sessions:

  • Introduction and welcome: the workshop started with a welcome from FNM and ASSTRA President and two speech from Lombardia Region and European Commission
  • I-SharE LIFE Project: this section focused on the I-SharE LIFE  project contents with a deeply explanation of the five business models, the principal functionality of the project software, and the activities about Public awareness and results dissemination.
  • Round Table: Debate among Stakeholder on the project themes.
  • Working Groups: All stakeholders, that attended to the afternoon session, were divided into the five groups. Five Table were organized, one for each business models in order to debate about model innovations and user needs , barriers, overcomes, Mechanisms to support the introduction of models , recommendations and suggestions for replicating and transferring models in other contexts, lessons to learn.

Documentation on the Workshop, including all I-SharE Partners’ presentations , can be downloaded from the “Documenti” web page.

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Introduction and Welcome
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Greetings from European Commission – LIFE Program
I-SharE LIFE Partners' speeches
I-SharE partners’ speeches on I-SharE LIFE project
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Debate with Stakeholders
Sessione pomeridiana “Gruppi di lavoro”
Afternoon Session: Workgroups