Actions and means involved:
I-SharE LIFE will be structured in 2 Preparatory Actions, 7 Implementation Actions, 1 Monitoring Action, 1 Public Awareness Action and the Management Action.

The Actions are conceived in synergy to one another and in logical sequence, starting from necessary preparatory actions, aiming at setting up the administrative and infrastructural basis of the project, to specific actions  dedicated to implementation of close-to-market demonstrations. Particular care has been given in structuring the Actions for them to embody the co-design rationale and to ensure sustainability, replicability and transferability of the project.
In detail, the Actions are listed in the following and connected to the objectives they are mainly linked to:
A – Preparatory Actions:
I-SharE LIFE’s Preparatory Actions represent the steps to be taken to allow for a smooth initialization.

1. Stakeholder mapping and activation of the engagement process (mainly linked to objectives O2, O3, and O4)
2. Permits and agreements procedure (O1, O2, O3, O4)
B – Implementation Actions:
I-SharE LIFE’s Implementation Actions detail the implementation of the demonstration of the innovative e-car sharing models of service and the development of the innovative IT platform. The Actions are:
1. Set up of the basic infrastructure and equipment at the demonstration sites (all Os)
2. Roadmap and Technical specification of the I-SharE technological platform (O2, O3, O4)
3. User research: Recruitment of I-SharE beta users and surveys (O3, O4)
4. Co-design of the services (all Os)
5. Implementation and tuning of the services (all Os)
6. Sustainability and project continuation (all Os)
7. Replicability and transferability (all Os)

C – Monitoring of the Impact
The monitoring Action aims at both monitoring the effective development and implementation of activities, and the monitoring of the fulfillment of the declared environmental objectives.

D – Public Awareness and Dissemination
The Public Awareness and Dissemination Action will develop a thorough Awareness and Dissemination plan aiming at maximizing the opportunities for transferability of I-SharE LIFE’s demonstration actions and innovations, as well as for disseminating knowledge and opportunities demonstrated by I-SharE LIFE.

E – Project Management
The Project Management details the management structure under the lead of Coordinating Beneficiary FNM SpA.