Demonstrations sites

The project includes demonstration sites in Italy, in 4 small to mid-sized cities in Lombardy, and in Osijek, Croatia, characterized by different types of mobility demands and needs:

Model 1: Commuter-Station-Corporate service, in Busto Arsizio (83.000 inh.), the Metropolitan area with many commuters to Milan and it is also close to the Malpensa international airport.

Model 2: Corporate-Station service in Bollate, (36.000 inh.), a small-size town in the peri-urban area of Milan with some important industries.

Model 3: Municipality-Public service, in Bergamo, (112.000 inh.) a high-density industrial city with strong mobility demand that activated incentive policies for e-mobility in its SUMP.

Model 4: Tourist-dedicated service, in Como (84.000 inh.), a well-known tourist city town that wants to develop electric mobility both in the city and along the shores of Lake Como.

Model 5: Intermodal services, in Osijek, (108.000 inh.), in Eastern Croatia, the fourth largest city in the country, intends to test innovative intermodal car-sharing services.