E-Vai is an active service in Lombardy since 2010 dedicated to the promotion of sustainable mobility through electric car-sharing whose aim is to promote the use of sustainable modes of transport in line with the objectives set by Lombardy Region in its Smart Specialization Strategy (S3).
E Vai objectives are: serving Lombard railway network with virtuous intermodal pre- and post-train mobility services: the railway station as a service hub
• Contrast the use of private cars by introducing innovative car sharing services and business models
• Respond to the requests of the Lombardy Region PRMT (Regional Mobility & Transport Program)
• Develop sustainability and intermodality • Attract a virtuous renewal of mobility on a mobile electric mobility key
• Increase the number of people using public mobility services
• Improve the quality of life and travel traveler experience • Reduce the need for public contributions.
E-Vai has made an important infrastructure route in Lombardy over the years and has the technical and ‘cultural’ know-how for the management of potential electric car users. The electric car sharing service proposed by E Vai is complementary to the regional railway service and aims to create a door-to-door intermodal service in the Lombardy Region.
E VAI has 90 car pick-up points in over 40 cities in Lombardy and at airports in Milan and Bergamo, 45 charging infrastructures for exclusive use,a fleet of 100 EV
E Vai is the only car sharing covering a regional territory by providing a public service; is the unique experience of moving from one city to the other in Lombardy; is the only experience that connects all Lombard airports; It is the only car sharing connected to the Lombard railway service for a fully electric mobility characterized by complementarity and intermodality.
More over E-VAI is Cluster Member “Smart city & Communities” National Cluster and contributed writing the Cluster RoadMap on Sustainable Urban Mobility.