Sustainable mobility, solutions for the Brenner green corridor

The sustainability of road mobility through the Alps, the theme of the international conference Driving through the Alps respectfully in Bozen/Bolzano, which was attended by people working in the I-SharE LIFE project in the context of networking activities.
For the occasion, the move from Milan to Bozen and back was carried out with one of the project cars equipped with the new technology offered by the ICT platform being tested. In this way, we wanted to experience firsthand the full experience of a full-electric driver in car sharing for medium and long distances.

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Co-design workshop in Como

January 30th, 2020: co-design workshop in Como. Poliedra, with the support of E-Vai, contacted different stakeholders of the Como area, the Municipality of Como and also the Hotel association; City aldermen, an Hotel manager and a B&B householder attended the workshop, together with the Beta Users involved.

Co-design workshop in Bollate

On December 13, 2019, there was the second Co-design Workshop of the I-SharE LIFE project at the Solvay site with Beta Users and company fleet managers who tested the electric car sharing service. Employees of the companies involved and commuters worked together with the Italian project partners, coordinated by the Poliedra Consortium of the Politecnico di Milano, to improve the service and the tools to use it.

Codesign workshop in Bergamo

Yesterday, November 19th 2019, the first Co-design Workshop of the I-SharE LIFE project was held at the Municipality of Bergamo with Beta Users who tested the electric car sharing service. Employees of the Municipality, students of the University of Bergamo and local stakeholders worked together with the project partners, coordinated by Poliedra (Polytechnic University of Milan), to improve the service offered.

I-SharE in a video

A videoclip made for the Ecomondo 2019 fair held in Rimini.

I-SharE presentation

Ecomondo is the most accredited platform for southern Europe and the Mediterranean basin, for the exploitation and recycling of materials and for the large industry of the future, also called Green Economy, which owes its success to a weighted and rewarding balance between sales dimension and technical-scientific dimension, with considerable space dedicated to INNOVATION in the Green Economy sector.

Technical Workshop in Italy

The Technical Workshop in Italy was held on the 19th June 2019 in Milan at the Palazzo Lombardia. The workshop was attended by about 73 delegates from several stakeholder as local administrations, PTOs (public transport operators), PTAs (public transport authorities), manufacturers, industry and universities representatives as well as consultants.

The purpose of the Technical Workshop aimed to increase the visibility of the project, to raise local interest and improve local understanding of the project and of the five I-SharE LIFE Business Model, finally and generally to stimulate public’s interest towards I-Share Life Project.

The workshop was structured in different sessions:

  • Introduction and welcome: the workshop started with a welcome from FNM and ASSTRA President and two speech from Lombardia Region and European Commission
  • I-SharE LIFE Project: this section focused on the I-SharE LIFE  project contents with a deeply explanation of the five business models, the principal functionality of the project software, and the activities about Public awareness and results dissemination.
  • Round Table: Debate among Stakeholder on the project themes.
  • Working Groups: All stakeholders, that attended to the afternoon session, were divided into the five groups. Five Table were organized, one for each business models in order to debate about model innovations and user needs , barriers, overcomes, Mechanisms to support the introduction of models , recommendations and suggestions for replicating and transferring models in other contexts, lessons to learn.

Documentation on the Workshop, including all I-SharE Partners’ presentations , can be downloaded from the “Documenti” web page.

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Introduction and Welcome
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Greetings from European Commission – LIFE Program
I-SharE LIFE Partners' speeches
I-SharE partners’ speeches on I-SharE LIFE project
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Debate with Stakeholders
Sessione pomeridiana “Gruppi di lavoro”
Afternoon Session: Workgroups