I-SharE LIFE at the 15th ASSTRA national conference

During the 15th National Conference on local public transport “R-Evolution – Public transport: route for the future” (Rome, 13 and 14 February 2019) ASSTRA has planned and conducted “dissemination” actions related to the I-SharE LIFE project.

Taking advantage of the importance of the event in the Italian public transport market, also in terms of number and type of participants, ASSTRA introduced the project, the involved companies and the first achieved results through a roll up, an information brochure and a slide presentation.

During the conference – which has been visited, in the two days, by 450 people representing transport companies, independent authorities, local and national political-institutional interlocutors, companies producing services and goods, associations, banking and financial organizations, Universities, Foundations, Research Istitutions – the following Tweet has been published on ASSTRA Twitter profile.

“Diffusi, durante il 15° convegno nazionale sul #trasporto #pubblico i primi risultati del progetto I-SharE LIFE http://www.i-sharelife.eu/  coordinato da @FNM_Group in partnership con ASSTRA, E-Vai, Nordcom, Poliedra, @Dyvolve , #Osijek: #mobilità condivisa, integrata, #sostenibile”

Here’s the link at the presentation held (PDF format).

Four electric cars for the fleet of the Municipality of Bergamo

In the evening and at the weekend they will be car-sharing service

Bergamo will experiment an innovative model of electric car sharing on its municipal ground. As a demonstration site of the European project “LIFE ENV I-SharE: innovative sharing solutions for small and medium urban areas”, the Municipality of Bergamo has decided to invest about 40,000 euros for the supply of 4 state-of-the-art electric cars.

Starting from April, 4 Renault Zoe R90 Intens, with a nominal autonomy of 400 km, will be shared between municipal administration and citizenship. These cars will be part of the municipal fleet from 8.00 to 18.00 from Monday to Friday and they will become usable by all citizens from 18.00 to 8.00 and for the entire duration of Saturday and holidays.

The partner identified for this service is E-Vai, a member of the FNM group already active in car sharing business throughout Lombardy. Since 2011 E-Vai offers the first electric car sharing service with regional diffusion and integrated with rail transport. It boasts a fleet of vehicles of the latest generation with low environmental impact; 90% of car fleet is completely electric and the remaining vehicles are hybrid cars. Thanks to about 100 E-Vai points present in strategic places (airports, stations, squares, hospitals, universities) in more than 30 locations in Lombardy., E-Vai offers services not only for citizens, but also for companies, both private and public, as a tool for improving and reducing the costs of business mobility.

“With this project – explains the Councilor for Mobility Stefano Zenoni – various objectives and numerous new elements are pursued. First of all, 4 electric cars will be made available to citizens, as well as cars that can be rented on request in the 4 E-Vai Points in Bergamo. Furthermore, the Municipality is experimenting with a model that could have interesting developments in the future, ie that of sharing its fleet of vehicles with fellow citizens. For a small-medium city, where car sharing systems struggle to develop for mere private initiative and at the same time the available resources are limited, this hybridization can be a positive turning point. The sharing economy is therefore also declined in sharing the means of the institutions with their citizens. Finally, the Municipality, – concludes Zenoni – abandons the logic of the purchase of its vehicles in favor of a service supply, thus guaranteeing the continuous updating of its vehicles to vehicles with low environmental impact. ”

“We are happy to realize here in the city of Bergamo the first demonstration site of the European I-SharE Life Project – commented Augusto De Castro, E-Vai Managing Director – The Municipality has made available to incorporate a particularly innovative electric car sharing model , which is based on the sharing of the cars of its fleet with the citizens, according to different time bands of use and compatible with each other. This is a concrete and effective solution to promote mobility that is less impacting on the environment, thanks to the use of electric vehicles, but with important benefits also from the point of view of economic sustainability for all those involved. This model we are creating here in Bergamo, is easily replicable in small-medium sized contexts with a high demand for mobility that are not reached by the big car-sharing operators. ”

I-Share Round Table on User Research of E-Car sharing innovative service models

Roundtable @ Poliedra

On the 13th of November 2018 Poliedra organized and hosted the first round table to launch the User Research activities of the I-SharE project funded under the LIFE Environment and Resource Efficiency program. I-SharE aims to test innovative solutions for the sharing of electric vehicles in small and medium-sized urban areas, through a Design Thinking approach.
FNM, Nordcom, E-VAI, the city of Osijek and Dyvolve Croatia led by Poliedra team participated in the definition of stakeholders and user profiles in order to identify the beta users that will help to test and co-design the service.

Electric mobility at airports

SEA Milan Airports is partner of the LAirA (Landside Airports Accessibility) European project, funded by the Central Europe Programme. LAirA aims at improving airports’ surface access and fostering low-carbon mobility solutions for passengers and employees.
The event brings together European airports, policy makers and transport stakeholders to present and discuss experiences and prospects on electric mobility solutions to improve the sustainability of airports’ landside accessibility.


Objectives of the project

  • Improve the knowledge of airports and institutions public accessibility system terrestrial airports
  • Develop pilot projects that involve passengers (App) and airport employees (Mobility management)
  • Integrate the project results into development of accessibility strategies landside of airports

From bicycle to electric car – Choose!

Through the Life program, the city of Osijek is implementing the “I-Share” project, which will provide eight electric cars to public transport users and smart applications.

Od bicikla do električnog auta – izaberite!

Kroz Life program, Grad Osijek realizira projekt “I-Share” u kojemu će Osječanima – korisnicima javnog prijevoza i aplikacije smartica na raspolaganju biti osam električnih automobila.

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I-SharE A LIFE project

Car-sharing services have experienced rapid growth in membership and geographical coverage. In particular free-floating is the most successful model. However, according to literature and previous studies conducted by Poliedra, such services are successful mainly in densely populated areas, while in low-density areas is more difficult to develop economically sustainable services. Car sharing is considered to promote the expansion of electric vehicles market and it represents a way to have people get familiar with EV technology to mitigate range anxiety. Through this close-to-market project, I-SharE LIFE intend to demonstrate different successful new electric car sharing business models to be applied in small and medium cites.