Final dissemination event

I-Share LIFE partnership has the pleasure of inviting you to follow the online “FINAL DISSEMINATION EVENT”, aimed at ensuring the maximum dissemination of the results and welcoming the contributions of the different categories of stakeholders in various capacities interested in the implementation of car sharing models. Please find attached the draft Agenda.

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Enjoy the final video

The I-Share LIFE European Project allowed us to experiment 4 car sharing models in 4 Lombard locations with the aim of demonstrating their technological and economic feasibility. In this video we tell you the results!

First dissemination event

Rome. December 10, 2020

The first Dissemination event was organized by ASSTRA as a webinar with people attending from Italy, Croatia and other EU countries, in order to show the participants the I-SharE project objectives, activities and achieved results.

Documentation on the event is available in the Documents section of the website

Event screenshots

Technical Workshop in Croatia

The Technical Workshop in Croatia was held on the 26th October 2020 by webinar due to the epidemic emergency of COVID-19. The workshop was attended by about 75 participants (with an average of 51 delegates connected simultaneously) from several stakeholders as local administrations, PTOs (public transport operators), PTAs (public transport authorities), manufacturers, industry and universities representatives as well as consultants.
The purpose of the Croatian Technical Workshop aimed to increase the visibility of the project, to raise local interest and improve local understanding of the project and of the five I-SharE LIFE Business Model, finally and generally to stimulate public interest towards I-Share Life Project.
The organization of the workshop was cared by ASSTRA in collaboration with FNM SpA, City of Osijek and Dyvolve.

Documentation on the event is available in the Documents section of the website

I-SharE LIFE fights COVID-19

In just two weeks COVID-19 emergency has radically changed our habits.

To contribute towards this new situation, I-SharE LIFE Partners decided to act and use the assets of their project, even if in a test phase, to support institutions and volunteers fighting against this sanitary emergency.

The e-car sharing operators E-VAI and GPP, with the whole LIFE fleet, are committed.


in just 2 weeks COVID-19 emergency has radically changed E-Vai’s customers habits: EV utilization and revenues, as for the entire transport sector and in particular shared mobility, has undergone drastic reductions, equal to 85-90 %, while requiring additional support from E-Vai such as sanitization and security of operating personnel who must operate in conditions of greater safety with effective Personal Protective Equipment.

It is clear that, as for many other industries, the future will be different, and therefore E-Vai will have to identify new service models, to design new ways of distributing services and to anticipate the needs and behaviors of customers, in a different way from the past. Even the communication that E-Vai imagined will have to leverage other needs. It is a challenge and an opportunity that E-Vai will have to grasp quickly, and that will also depend on authorities decisions: authorities might push more on restriction of endothermic mobility in urban centers or outside, or push on a greater sharing of vehicles and however their reduction, if smart working will become a model and no longer a requirement, it is evident that private cars to reach the workplace will remain unused for longer, creating the conditions for greater sharing versus property.

In the meantime, in order to face the current emergency, E-Vai has also decided to offer support to current needs, starting from our territory, the Lombardy Region: E-Vai offered to Municipalities clients and to main cities of Lombardy (the provincial capitals) the free use of own electric vehicles for the whole month of April.

Through E-VAI/LIFE Platform Municipalities will be able to assign cars to associations and professionals operating essential services: transport of medicines, delivery of meals, transfers of medical and nursing staff or volunteers involved in the management of essential services. Before being delivered the cars will be sanitized and made safe.

Sanitization outside the vehicle
Sanitization inside the vehicle
Sanitization inside the vehicle

Some examples:

  • 3 vehicles to the Municipality of Bergamo which will be used for social services
  • 1 vehicle to our client Saronno Servizi to be assigned to a consortium of pharmacies
  • 2 vehicles to the Municipality of Rozzano which will be used to bring food home
  • 3 vehicles to the Municipality of Monza, through Monza Mobilità S.p.A., for social services; while an Hypermarket (Iper Montebello) will make its charging stations available
  • 2 vehicles to the Municipality of Sondrio will be used by Civil Defense
  • 2 vehicles to the Municipality of Pavia to be used by own employes

A total of 20 vehicles, both LIFE and E-VAI are currently used for free by Public Institutions, and E-Vai will continue to offer its own contribution as long as possible.


In these extraordinary times in fighting COVID-19 pandemia, the City of Osijek and its public transport operator GPP made a decision to make electric vehicles from the car sharing system, being deployed through the I-Share LIFE project, available to representatives of Red Cross and their volunteers.

Their mission is to assist all citizens in self-isolation and the riskiest groups (chronically ill, diabetics, with heart diseases, older citizens with limited mobility) in getting them necessary food supplies and medicines. The volunteers are risking their lives to assist the risky groups, showing incredible courage and dedication to help those in need. Electric vehicles are proving to be one of the cornerstones of flexible and timely service in these times of need and focus on our loved ones. All of their efforts are being centrally coordinated with regional Civil Protection Directorate, City Mayor’s Office and the Home Affairs Ministry of Republic of Croatia.

Co-design workshop in Osijek

Osijek Co-Design Workshop was held in the City of Osijek on the 29th of January, 2020. Overall, there were 20 active participants made up of 4 Beta Users and 16 stakeholders. The workshop was coordinated by two facilitators from Dyvolve and supported by one representative from the City of Osijek and one representative from GPP (public transportation operators).

Within the co-design workshop in Osijek, the aim was to evaluate the proposed model of intermodal car-sharing service which is shared by two different users: the public and private companies (employees) and occasional users. The objective was to analyze the expectations of the new transportation service.