Očekivani rezultati

In close connection with the project objectives previously stated, I-SharE LIFE aims at obtaining the following results:

O1) Environmental Objectives:
The environmental objectives are, in terms of pollutants, a reduction in about 800kg/y in NOX, 900kg/y in CO and 84 kg/y in PM10 and, in terms of GHG, a reduction of about 270 t/y CO2-e. All calculation details can be found in the project documentation.

O2) Market Uptake Objectives:
I-SharE LIFE’s focus is on cities with about 35.000 to 115.000 inhabitants, that is on urban areas in which the penetration of e-vehicles and the penetration of car-sharing services are widespread and not obvious as they are in bigger urban areas. The uptake of the innovative I-SharE business models of ecarsharing and of the I-SharE technological platform is expected in the demonstration sites, and detailed in Action C1-B6. As per revenues, those are detailed in the attached Business Plan Statement and Rationale.

O3) Demonstration Objectives:
I-SharE LIFE includes specific sustainability and replicability & transferability Actions, aiming at guaranteeing the economic feasibility in the 5  demonstration sites and replicability in further 34 sites, 17 in Lombardy, Italy, and 17 in Eastern Croatia. Contacts and agreements are either already in place or will be finalised in the dedicated Actions of I-SharE LIFE.

O4) Communication Objectives:
The dissemination activities will spread information about I-SharE LIFE project using the most efficient ways to guarantee the maximum visibility, an optimal exploitation and deployment of the project results coming from the five I-SharE Business Model that will run in Italy and in Croatia. In particular, relevant websites, articles on thematic magazine (more than 2000 people made aware), newsletters (more than 4000 people made aware) and similar, leaflets and social media channels (e.g. LinkedIn – about 500 contacts in continuous expansion) will be used for the communication; regarding the general and local dissemination and the networking activities, will be organized events (about 100/150 visitors expected), technical workshop (about 50/80 visitors expected) and partners’ meetings.